Centennial Year 1901-2001
Now 107 Years Old
Our Location and Our History

So Big It Takes Two States To Hold Us!

We're on the Oklahoma-Texas State line

Texhoma, in the Panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas
Only 442+ miles to the southeast lies beautiful Lake Texoma
Texhoma has visitors to the lake and inquiries about the lake with a similar name!

In 1899 there were only 13 voters living in Sherman County, and there was no Texhoma. When the Rock Island Railroad built their tracks from Liberal, Kansas to Santa Rosa, New Mexico and reached this point in 1901, the settlement of Texhoma was formed.
There were 5 families living here at that time. By 1908 there were 1000 people in the town, with Sherman County Texas now having grown to 3,000 and Texas County, Oklahoma to 25,000.

Being able to ship and deliver from a point in either Texas or Oklahoma gave Texhoma a big advantage over neighboring towns and it fast became one of the leading towns in the area. It pulled people and trade from over a 50-mile radius and kept as many as five wagons yards in town very busy.
By this time the town consisted of 3 lumber yards, 2 dry goods stores, 3 hardware stores. 3 blacksmith shops, 2 hotels, 2 restaurants, a bakery, a confectionery, a meat market, a jewelry store, 2 newspapers, an elevator and feed mill, a bowling alley, and 2 pool halls.

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Our Name

The name Texhoma is derived from the contraction of Texas and Oklahoma.

Texas TEX
Oklahoma HOMA

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Location and Statistics

Geographic location is 36°30'18"N 101.7°46'57"W; at an elevation of 3,487 feet

Texas County, OK, Township 1 North, Range 12 East, Section 32
Sherman County, TX, Township 1 South, Range 12 East, Section 5

The size of Texhoma is approximately 0.64 square miles and has a combined population of 1306;    2000 census OK town 935 and TX city 371.

A number of good folks and a few old grouches!

Texhoma Street Map
Panhandle Regional Economic Development Coalition, Inc., Texhoma

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Local History Books Available

Panhandle Pioneers
Complied and Edited by the
Texhoma Genealogical and Historical Society
Volumes 1-9, each costs $10.00
+ $1.00 Shipping for Each Volume
Volume 10 and Ten Decades cost $15.00
+$4.00 Shipping for Each
Available at the Texhoma Public Library
or from
Mr. Steve Flanagan
PO Box 333,
Texhoma, OK 73949

       Index to Volumes 1-9
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H through Q
R through Z

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