It’s Hard to Say Goodbye to Someone You Love

Ever since I lost my father, I was never the same. It feels like a part of myself was lost. My father is all I have. My mother left us when we were small. She walked away from us and left us. My father devastated by what my mother did, but he did not show us that he was weak.

My mother left us when I was 5. Together with my younger sister, my father worked day and night just to provide us with the basic things we need. My father did 2 -3 jobs just to sustain us with our needs. Father was so great in rearing us a single parent. He brought us to school and because of my father I am employed now in the government as an educator.

It is really hard to lose someone, especially my father. Its been months already but still it feels like it was yesterday. The pain is still lingering. I can’t deny that it affected me mentally, emotionally and even physically. In my work most of the time I am absent minded. I continued working despite of it. On coffee breaks I still cry.

I am afraid that I will get depression from this. I really need help. My sister asks me seek help professionally doing counseling session. We searched online for a counselor nearby and we did with just a click the mouse.

We booked for grief counseling session and was scheduled on the next day right away. Michael Meister Marriage Counseling is not exclusive to grief counseling but also marriage counseling. It was my first time to be submitted to this kind of intervention. I was nervous at first, but the counselor made me comfortable.

The counselor made me understand that I should be strong for my sister. She still needs me. Thinking about my sister made me cried so hard. It made me realize that I should be there for my sister.

I hope I will snap out of this condition that I have and be back to my normal state. I am very confident that now that I have submitted myself with this session that I will be back.

My counselor does not only serves my place but serves San Diego as well.